Make your farm even greener

A new environmentally friendly solution for livestock bedding, garden fertilizer, and crop fertilizer recycles natural animal byproducts that otherwise would be wasted in landfills. NEW Organic Digestion uses a clean, USDA-approved, cost-effective way for vegetable farmers, strawberry farmers, dairy farmers, and other environmentalists to make farms as green and efficient as possible.

NEW Organic Digestion is a natural!
• Uses animal byproducts targeted for landfills
• Our anaerobic biodigester produces nutrient-rich products
• USDA-approved
• Environment-friendly
• No offensive odor
• Tested for 65% moisture

Located in Denmark, Wisconsin, NEW Organic Digestion sells product by the ton and delivers it by truck to your farm. Or, pick it up yourself. Vehicle delivery or pickup not only saves money on shipping and packaging, it’s also better for the environment because it’s never bagged.

Don’t wait to take advantage of this revolutionary farm-friendly product. Find out more today by contacting NEW Organic Digestion!

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