The Amazing Benefits of Biosolids

NEW Organic Digestion uses an exclusive anaerobic biodigester that processes animal byproducts into a product rich in nutrients and perfect for compost, fertilizer, and animal bedding.

Compost—Natural decomposed organic material, or black loam, is pH balanced and retains all nutrients. Our anaerobic biodigester only breaks down the carbon-based molecules, not nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorous, although their form is changed from organic to inorganic. This makes them more accessible by plants, so this compost is an excellent starter fertilizer.

Our compost is available by the truckload or the pound. We deliver it to your farm, or you can pick it up yourself. Because no packaging is needed, it saves money and helps the environment.

Fertilizer—There are numerous benefits of New Organic Digestion’s natural, nutrient-rich fertilizer:
• It’s a direct replacement for traditional N, P, K fertilizers.
• Unlike most fertilizers, it contains many micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and many others.
• It releases nutrients over time; each application offers nutrient contribution for 3 years.
• It’s all-natural; no industrial chemicals and no fossil fuels are used to manufacture it.

Animal Bedding—Our high-quality livestock bedding replaces other options such as sand or sawdust. It not only provides excellent comfort, it absorbs moisture, has lower somatic cell counts, and low bacteria growth. Plus, you’ll notice less wear and tear on machines.

Pellets—Information coming soon!

Discover the benefits of farming with our bioliquid product.